Ideas come true: NEOSILK

Changing consumer needs and new legal requirements relating to the effectiveness, safety, and compatibility of cosmetics demand continuous innovations.

Collagen, for many years, has been used in numerous beauty and personal care products because it is an essential component of the human connective tissue. The innovative production method of type 1 collagen makes NEOSILK a real alternative to traditional collagens. It enables manufacturers of cosmetics to redefine their technological process. Ideas come true!


Best performing collagen

Essential for beauty and health

NEOSILK is a new and safe type 1 collagen now made available to the manufacturers of cosmetic products. It is obtained from silk cocoons. The silkworms secrete the protein molecule, namely human collagen, together with their own silk threads and weave it into their cocoons made of pure protein. The protein is easy to isolate from the cocoons and can be processed without delay.
The innovation in the universe of collagen extraction from silk cocoons, for the first time, was presented to the public by Japanese scientists in 2002. PolyNeo GmbH, with registered office in Frankfurt am Main, has the exclusive rights of distribution.


Collagen is a protein, more precisely, a structural or fibrous protein. In the human body, collagen is the prevalent protein, amounting to 30% of the total mass of all proteins. It is a key organic component of the human connective tissue; actually, it is its main constituent with a proportion of 60%. The most common variety in the human organism is type 1 collagen.

Collagen provides our skin with resilience and elasticity and contributes to the stability of bones, teeth, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. With age our body decreases the production of collagen by ca. 1% per year. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen the collagen structure to slow down natural aging. For this purpose, collagen has been used in cosmetics for many years. So far, it has been derived mainly from animal raw materials.