Patented technology of IBL Japan

Homogeneity with human collagen.
The amino acid sequences of Neosilk collagen correspond to the 1 chain of the human type 1 collagen. The result: extraordinary biocom- patibility and no risk of allergies.

Pure collagen obtained from silk cocoons –
free from harmful contaminations.
No animal ingredients.

Hygienically pure extraction. Thanks to water-soluble properties, the use of chemicals is not necessary.

Stable quality and high purity across different product batches thanks to a controlled manufacturing process.


Reactivity of IgE from fish collagen allergy patients to Neosilk Collagen

The results show that he IgE reacted to salmon collagen strongly, but hardly reacted to the Neosilk Collagen.


Compatibility of Neosilk Collagen with human dermal fibroblasts

Tissue culture dishes were coated with 10 mg/ml of Neosilk Collagen or bovine serum albumin. Human dermal fibroblasts were seeded on the dishes and cultured in vitro. The fibroblasts attached and spread on Neosilk Collagen I, and proliferated with normal morphology.

Neosilk Collagen on viabilidy of keratinocytes

The results of the preliminary cytotoxicity assay (MTT) show that the Neosilk Collagen has no cytotoxicity on keratinocytes, with tested concentration range. The cell morphology was healthy.